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Congrats Shelby Clark

Silverspoons: My Baby Is A Billionaire - Book I [Interracial Erotica Romance] is a Bestseller!
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Silverspoons: My Baby Is A Billionaire - Book I [Interracial Erotica Romance] by Shelby Clark has just hit the Bestseller List!
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   Book I

   By Shelby Clark


Tess McDaniel fell for Augustus Escobar a long time ago. He was her friend and first love. He helped her through some tough times. But when Augustus started receiving more attention from the ladies, their relationship suffered some turbulence.  So she decided to just focus on her career.

Now the private lawyer for Augustus's father, Tess put a lot of time into her new position, something she noticed was a problem for Augustus. He seemed to want her for himself. Tess knows that the Escobar men are philanderers by nature, but will his past allow her to trust him for another chance?

If so, will their love survive the doubts they share about each other?

            Arriving before Augustus, Tess took the liberty of getting them a booth in the back of the café so no one would spot him. Not soon after she took her seat, he walked in. She observed his tall six-foot-three stature as he came toward her. He looked as if he was moving in slow motion—there was enough time for her to take in his image from head to toe. His hair was a true black interrupted only by the streaks of blonde highlighted sideburns combed backwards. They complimented his dark eyebrows and eyelashes.

            Tess couldn’t help but notice his excellent muscular physique, every woman that passed by did. The silk black shirt he had on offered no mercy on the spectator. Her jaw dropped. She felt herself panting like an animal in heat longing for her mate. Within seconds, she grabbed the complimentary glass of water and tried to pull herself together, swallowing deep and hard by the time he reached the booth.
            Come on, girl, what’s the matter with you? Get a grip on yourself! It ain’t anybody. It’s just August. He’s like a brother. Get your hormones under control! Yeah, under control, I got it.
            “Tess, I was right behind you, but someone took my parking space so I had to look for another,” he called out to her as he passed by the other tables until he reached their booth. “Thanks for coming. I thought you weren’t going to show up.”

            “Hm, so what was so important that we had to meet here? We haven’t come here in years. Come on, August, you know I’m busy. Your father needs me now more than ever.”
            “I know it’s been years, yet you remembered the spot. Anyway, there’s something I wanted to know.”
            “What do you want to know?”
           “Tess, we grew up together. My family took your family in.”
            “Hey, I know that! What’re you doing? I know where I come from.”
            Augustus grabbed her hands again to try and calm her down.
            “Wait. That’s not what I meant to say. Let me start over.”
            “Yes, start over. I don’t need you to check me! What’s your problem?”
            Tess, for the second time, pulled her hands from his.
            “Why can’t I hold your hands or touch you? I know you work for my father and the company, but has it come to this? We can no longer be friends or as close as we were?”
            It’s not that, August. It’s just, every time you touch me something happens to me. I suddenly feel horny, and it’s not right because I see you as my brother.
            Augustus stroked his hands over his hair. He fell back into his chair while he gave Tess a long stare.
            “Just tell me the truth. Is something going on? Are you seeing him?”

            Tess picked up her spoon and began pointing it at him as she scolded. “What? Seeing who? Look! I know you’re not trying to get into my personal life and running background checks on whomever I choose to see!”
            “Excuse me, Tess, but yes, I will. If I have to, yes, I will investigate, and especially if your affair concerns me. I’ll stick my nose into your business.”

            “No, I don’t think so, buddy. If anything, you need to check some of those skanks you’ve been running around town with. That’s why we’re in the back now.”
            August’s voice went deep as he slammed his fist on the table. “Don’t you think you’re being inconsiderate to this family? You’re making yourself look like a gold digger! At least those women mean nothing to me, but you… you, Tess!”

She stood up and grabbed her pocketbook. “Look, I had a long day, I haven’t had time to change, I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit here and allow you to accuse me of or cross examine me for something I have no clue of!”
            He jumped up to block her path. “No! Sit.”
            “Move, August!”
            “Sit. Please! I like when you call me August. Hold on for a minute first, hear me out. You know how I am.”
            “Yes, I do! You’re hot headed and quick to react.”
            “See. You do know me and I thought I knew you, but I guess I don’t. I don’t understand.”
            They both sat back down.

            “Understand what? How am I supposed to know what’s going on in your head. Will you just say what’s really on your mind?”

            They paused and just stared at each other. Tess felt butterflies in her stomach when she dropped her gaze to his lips, then to the exposed collar bone that introduced his broad shoulders and chest. She tightened her grip on her pocketbook in hopes of gaining control over her hormones. They were getting the best of her. She quickly bowed her head and put her hand over her face.

            Damn, he looks so hot. What is the matter with me? Stop it Tess! Get your mind right.  See, it’s that damn Escobar charm. I can’t let him know, besides he’s a player. He wouldn’t want me. Like he said, we grew up together. He doesn’t see me like that.
            “What happened? What’s wrong? Why did you drop your head like that?” Augustus responded as he caressed her arm above her elbow.
            “Nothing! I must have an eyelash in my eye, but I’m okay.”
            As soon as Augustus touched her, her attention went straight to the contact between her arm and his hand. 
            “Do you want me to look into your eye? I can see if I there’s a lash or anything?”
            “Hell no!”
            I can’t let him get that close!
            “What! Oh, OK, I’m sorry for asking. I was just trying to help.”
            “Hm. Sorry, I mean…I was just saying… I don’t want one of your lady friends to catch you all up in my face. You know, I don’t want to have to slap a lawsuit on anyone.”

            August started laughing and smiling hard, showing all his pearly whites.
“If I didn’t know any better, I would say someone sounds jealous.”
            “Yeah, jealous!”
            Tess threw one hand on her hip and used her index finger from the other to spell each word with attitude.
            “Pssh! August, please! Don’t fool yourself, why in the world would I be jealous, and for what?”
            “You...What about you?”
            “You’re jealous of the other women.”
            “Since you have all the answers, why is that then?”
            Still smiling as he grabbed hold of her hand once more, August replied. “Because you want me too.”
            Tess got to her feet as she snatched her hand back.
            “Maybe when I was younger, which was a long time ago, but not now. I’ve grown up and moved on.”
            Augustus looked at Tess with slanted eyes and a smirk on his face. “Yes, even now!”
            “You know what? All these crazy women around here have made your head swell to the point where you’ve become delirious. First and foremost, I’m not jealous at all.”
“So, you’re going to give me the count down like you always do?”
“Hell yeah! Second, you’ve wasted my time. I need to get dressed for your father’s retirement party tonight.”
“Are you done yet?”
“No! And last, but not in any way least, I have a man and he keeps me very, very happy, if you know what I mean.”
            August stood up sharply. His stature towered over hers. He looked down, his gaze distant. His jaw was tight. “Who is he? Just tell me, Tess. Do I know him?”
            “It doesn’t matter anyway. We’re not kids anymore and we’ve grown apart as friends. Nevertheless, my personal life is none of your concern. See you tonight, August,” Tess stated before walking away.
            Hm, who appears to be jealous now?
            “Wait, Tess, I’m not through talking to you!”
She walked out of the café without responding to Augustus.

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I'm Having Your Baby! by Ebony Taylor has just hit the Bestseller List!
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By Ebony Taylor


Malia lived in Hawaii for some time to pursue her graduate degree. It was there in Hawaii where she met Kaleo, a sexy Native Hawaiian. She loved everything they had to share—their bed, the beach, and most of all, their arrangement. Life couldn’t be any better.

Until things began to change. Kaleo wanted to take their relationship to the next level, especially since she’s having his baby. He didn’t understand why she hesitated if she really loved him. Her commitment issues and life and death situations would not keep him from pursuing the woman he loves.


Oh my god, I didn’t realize how much I miss him. I want to hug him so bad, but I’m afraid he might reject me and I can’t handle that.
“Can you please hurry, Malia? I’ve been on the plane since last night. I would like to meet your Granny and take a shower if possible, if she doesn’t mind of course.” Kaleo’s voice was low, probably grinding his teeth.
The gate became wedge and wouldn’t open. He sat his bags down and with all his strength, pulled, and performed a sudden yanked to put the gate back on its trackMalia was amazed at his actions. She knew he was strong, but not that strong. She was impressed, but decided not to express it.
Hm,” was all she murmured as she walked back to the house rolling her eyes.
You need to get your gate serviced.”
“Not my gate!”
“Nevertheless, let your Granny know then. Or, if she wants, I can look at it for her.”
Malia tried to keep up the tough exterior. “Whatever, Kaleo, if you’re here that long.”
Kaleo entered the yard and followed Malia as she escorted him up the front yard and into the house. It was still early in the morning, around seven a.m., but they could hear Granny moving around as if she was about to come downstairs.
“Come on into this here house, mon, and have a seat or you can sit out here on the cool porch. Granny doesn’t believe in the air conditioner. She has central air, but doesn’t turn it on.”
Malia was trying to make small talk to get Kaleo to talk to her. Being back at home has made it easy for her accent to return and for her to slip back into her native tongue. She could tell Kaleo was listening to her speak the way he used to when they first met.
What did you just say? Forget it, it doesn’t matter, I don’t have much to say right now, but if you don’t mind I would rather wait for your Granny. Could you let her know that I’m here please.”
Kaleo seemed uneasy and very short with her.
I guess he doesn’t love me anymore. He usually reaches to kiss me no matter what. I guess I really hurt him. If that’s how it is then there’s no need to tell him about the baby. I won’t have him with me out of obligation when he doesn’t love me anymore. I know how Native Hawaiian’s are about family values.
Malia held her tongue and spun on her heel to walk swiftly past him.
Kaleo uttered in a low tone. “You must’ve been truly enjoying yourself here because you’ve picked up weight.”
She paused and looked at him with a raised brow. “I beg your pardon, what’s it to you? I’ll get Granny!”


Granny came to the door with a big smile on her face and two men behind her. “Well,hello there, how are you mon? Come on, let me have a look at you!” she said as she extended her hand to shake his.
Kaleo stood as he accepted it with a smile in return. He bowed his head as he greeted her. “Aloha! I don’t know if you know of me, but I’m Kaleo Namakae Momoa. You may call me Kaleo.”
Granny watched Kaleo’s figure grow like a tree as he stood up. She gazed with astonishment.
Cooh deh! You’re something else. Where are you frommon?” Granny inquired.
Kaleo chuckled, he wasn’t sure what she said, but he could tell she was amazed at his height because she was very short. He could see Malia watching them from the screen door.
“Yes, ma’am, I’m from Hilo, Hawaii. I came a long way.”
Granny looked with puzzlement. “Nah, mon, Hawaii is not really that far from Mo’ Bay, Jamaica.”
Kaleo smiled with pearly white teeth. “No it’s not, but you can’t get a direct flight from Hilo to Montego Bay. I could’ve used the family’s private jet, but we need to give air traffic controllers notice of our flight schedule twelve to twenty-four hours in advance and I couldn’t wait another minute to meet you.”
Granny laughed as she responded. “To meet me or to see Lia?”
Kaleo laughed along with Granny. “To be honest, Granny… May I call you Granny?”
She grabbed his hand and began to pat on the back of it. “Of course you can, everyone does. Oh, I got a good feeling about you. I like you, Kaleo. Yeah, mon, yeah. I like you a lot and you have wonderful aura around you. I see it very clear.
Malia came out of the house and sat across from everyone as if she was observing them all. She was very quiet.
Granny glanced over at her. “Lia, are you ok? Oh never mind her. She’s been verymoody at times. I guess it’s to be expected. I guess we all better get ready. Her mother used to bethe same way when she was…
“Granny!” Malia shouted to stop her from exposing her secret in front of Kaleo.
Granny grabbed Kaleo by the arm as if she was about to escort him somewhere.
Oh never mind her. Let me first introduce you to some people. This here is Henry andHarold, twins, can you believe it? Did you know twins run heavy in my family? It skips every other generation. They’re my sons, Malia’s uncles. Oh, by the way, do you have a hotel in town?”
Kaleo answered while smiling. He was enjoying himself immensely.
Uh, no. I don’t. I came straight here. I’d planned to get a hotel after I had a chance to talk to Malia, or return to the airport depending on how things turn out.
Granny continued laughing. “He-he, you came all this way to see Malia, huh. Things are going to be okay, you’ll see. I know you love her. He-he. Yeah, that’s some love when a man will cross bodies of water for you.
Kaleo chuckled, “You sound a lot like my grandmother.”
Well, then there it is. That settles it. Take heart, dear soul, you will stay here. Get his things boys. Follow me, come along Malia and don’t pick anything up heavy, let your uncles get it.”


When Zaierra decides it's time to have a baby before her eggs turn to powder, no one seems to be a better candidate than her best friend. Who could have guessed one night in bed with sexy Leith Stone could uncover her long hidden love for the one man that's always been there for her. In order to hide her true feelings for him, Zaierra calls off their arrangement, but it's too late. She's having his baby. Complications arise when his skanky ex just won't let go and has her own set of issues.

“Zai, mind if I come over right now?” Leith asked.

Zaierra pried her eyes open to glance at the clock on her nightstand. Two a.m., and she had to be in the office early to prepare for the executive meeting. The big wigs were coming in from all over the country to strategize. They did it every year, and she knew the routine for ordering them breakfast, lunch, and dinner since they’d be at all day. She already had her handouts started, and no doubt her boss would have more and changes because he couldn’t let her enjoy the well-oiled machine she had going in his department.

Of course Leith knew all of this because he was one of the junior executives, and he would be in on the meeting. She knew what he would eat and need even though she wasn’t his assistant, because they had been friends since high school.

“You’ve never asked before,” she grumbled, “and you have a key. Why are you waking me up at this ungodly hour, Leith Stone?”

“I’ll be there in half an hour.” The line went dead. She blinked at it and then hung it up, or attempted to. The receiver missed the base and crashed on the floor. Leith had been the one to bug her to get a landline since half the time at home she forgot to charge her cell. What would she do without him?

“Sleep,” she muttered into her pillow and drifted off. The next time she woke up, it was to the feel of Leith’s big body crushing her when he dropped onto her bed. Zaierra shoved at him, groaning. “Get off, you big ape.”

Leith didn’t move. She reached up to touch his head, her fingers tangling in his silky hair. He said something she didn’t catch, but they stayed there with him half on top of her, a thick comforter separating their bodies. Zaierra drifted off again with the sound of Leith’s quiet breathing above her.

In the morning, she woke to the sound of the shower going and the scent of coffee brewing. This routine was nothing new. Often Leith came to her apartment unannounced, used the shower, and found clothes for himself already hanging in the closet. They were like an old married couple with none of the physical benefits. Not that Leith used her. He’d pulled her ass out of the fire more than once. They just came from two different worlds that happened to collide in the same school. Leith came from an upper middle class family, and his parents provided him with a top education in one of the finest universities. Zaierra worked her way through community college and later transferred to the cheapest university she could find. Circumstances forced her to drop to part time, and she had finally finished last year. She expected to move up in her career one way or another, whether it was at Hanson and Associates where she and Leith worked, or somewhere else. One issue got in the way of that plan, an issue that had grown larger over the last couple of years, and no matter what she did, she couldn’t shake the idea of it.

Zaierra rose from the bed and shuffled into the bathroom. She didn’t bother putting on a robe. Leith had seen her down to skin plenty of times. Not on purpose of course, but it happened. She’d seen him too, and boy oh boy that man had a body. If he weren’t her best friend, she wouldn’t mind sampling the goods.

At the sink, she began brushing her teeth. “So, what’s up?” she mumbled around a mouthful of paste.

Leith didn’t answer right away, and she thought he didn’t hear her. She opened her mouth to speak louder, but he cut her off. “I ended it.”

She stared at the reflection of the shower behind her. “You’re serious?”

The shower door slid to the side, and Leith came into view. She forced her gaze to stay on his face, but her peripheral vision took in the big chest and broad shoulders. Water glistened on his taut skin, rolling downward. She shouldn’t be attracted to Leith, but damn if she wasn’t. That made her dilemma and the solution her crazy brain had come up with that much harder to dismiss.

“You broke up with Jenna Slutty, I mean Hutty?”

Leith glared at her.

Zaierra shrugged. “Come on. You have to admit her name does rhyme with slutty, and her character…”

“Okay, you’ve made it clear from the start what you thought of her.”

“And you made it just as clear you wanted her for her looks. You let her wrap you around her little finger and play with your emotions. I don’t know how many times I had to resist kicking her ass for the way she treated you, but if you say you’re done, that’s good enough for me.”

He ran a towel over his skin and wrapped it around his waist. Only then did she let her gaze travel lower to his abs. Mercy. They were toned to perfection, ripped, and hard. She knew just how hard because she’d teased him about washing clothes on them and used the excuse to run her fingers over his body. Leith had done the same with her. Not her abs because she fought with a pouch and extra weight around the hips and thighs, but just like he did last night, he liked to jump on her and tickle her until she cried uncle.

“Yeah, I’m finished being manipulated. Jenna liked to make everything a big production.”

“Only when you controlled the money too much.”

He had been on the way to the door and stopped to look back at her. “What was that?”

She smiled. “Nothing.”

Leith eyed her with suspicion, but he didn’t push. He left the bathroom, and she took her time with her shower and getting her hair together. By the time she walked into her room, Leith had vacated it and left his yummy male scent behind. Quiet prevailed in the apartment, and she moved to the kitchen to find a breakfast plate and coffee waiting. A note from Leith told her he’d see her later, and she sat down to eat. While she chewed her bacon, she considered whether she’d talk to Leith about her idea. Now that they were both free, it might work. The question was, would he agree and could she handle it if he did.