Tuesday, March 12, 2013

For The Love Of Baby


Mercedes was a fighter and knew how to take care of herself. Her life wasn't always easy. Being family less, having no one really in her corner, taking on various jobs gave her the ambition to become a successful Art Gallery Owner/Dealer. 

Business got even better when she befriended Marco, a brand new Italian artist, a good client of some years. It wasn't until feelings were discovered that life fell on the fast track. Mercedes was faced with things she never experienced before, love, a baby, marriage, and the family she never had before. All these wonderful things kept her spinning, but her greatest fear was whether or not her and Marco's friendship could survive the turn of events they were faced with. 


Mercedes was feeling a little nervous and overwhelmed. Her emotions were getting the best of her. She couldn’t believe that Marco’s friends came together to help the two put a last minute wedding ceremony together. Her mind was spinning with the thought that in just a few minutes she’ll be Mrs. Marco Stefano Venturelli.
Oh my god, is this real? Is it really happening?  How could this be? I have but so much and he’s wealthy. I have no family and his seem like half of Rome and in the U.S. But when they do meet me and my baby will they accept us?
She was surrounded by a group of women she didn’t know. Neither did she know what was being said because they all were speaking Italian. What made her uncomfortable was that she heard her fianc├ęs name in the same sentence with another woman’s name.
Who’s Elisa?  
What she did know was that they were all either related or a friend of Marco.

Mercedes stood in the hall of the Villa Lais waiting for her cue. She could hear music playing. It was Italian, and very beautiful and soft. Observing her surroundings she noticed that the chapel she was in displayed everything from the nineteenth century. Five bridesmaids stood in front of her, all wearing long summer dresses, lilac in color  with white lilies in their hands for bouquets. Their color highlighted her white fitted summer dress that gracefully showed off her developed belly.
All the women walked slowly ahead of her as a train leading her out to a garden in the midst of a small park full of tranquility. It was the ideal choice for their quiet, intimate wedding, although unexpected. Only Marco selected friends and family were invited. The ceremony was private and discrete and was expected to remain that way by his demands.  
With her heart beating fast, Mercedes thought that any second she was going to faint from the wild thoughts spinning in her head, the excitement of getting married, and the thought of this Elisa person. It was all dissolved when she saw Marco standing in the garden beside the Registrar in front of a man-made altar with a trellis over his head.
Flowers filled the garden of all sorts with an attractive array of butterflies freely conveying themselves about. The light breeze was filled with sweet aromas. Mercedes eyes widen as she took in the event and the scenery. As she walked to the alter the music stopped and Registrar started. He started the ceremony with the reading of the Italian Civil Ceremony Vows and then translated them to English. 
The covered three articles consisted of the following: Article one forty-three which was the reciprocal rights and duties of the husband and wife, Article one forty-four which covered the address of the family home, and Article one forty-seven which covered the duties regarding children.
 He then invited them to answer the following questions.
“Does Mr. Marco Stefano Venturelli declare he wants to take as his wife Miss Mercedes Alexis Knowles here present?”
Marco replied, “Yes, I do.”
The Registrar redirected his question to Mercedes.
“Does Miss Mercedes Alexis Knowles declare she wants to take as her husband Mr. Marco Stefano Venturelli here present?
She answered smiling as she stared into his eyes, “Yes, I do.”
Registrar continued, “Did the two witnesses hear their affirmative answers?”
Two of Marco’s friends confirmed the question. “Yes, we did.”
The Registrar ended the exchanging of vows by saying, “Further to their respective declarations in the affirmative, I hereby pronounce the Marco Stefano Venturelli and Mercedes Alexis Knowles are united in matrimony. You may kiss the bride!”
Marco took hold of his wife and pulled her toward him as he slanted his lips to plant a passionate kiss on her lips. She welcomed him by embracing him back.
Everyone cheered afterwards. Di si
Immediately following the ceremony was the announcement of The Act of Matrimony to publicize their unity.