Friday, September 28, 2012


                                                By Shelby Clark

IT'S HERE!... October 2012....

When Cierra left the United States to move to London, she put the troubles with her ex behind her. Her position as a manager and the house in central London gave her the first sense of peace she'd known in a long time. Taking a self-defense class at the health club turned out to be just what the doctor ordered, because sexy martial artist and former police officer Aiden Sakai was her instructor. Cierra couldn't believe it when this Asian hottie asked her out. With a new love and a new life, things couldn't get better--until Cierra's past came back to haunt her, not only putting her in danger but Aiden as well.


CeCe buzzed Aiden in the main door of her apartment building. “Hey you! How are you? I’m glad you’re here. I hope you’re not in a hurry. I wasn’t sure how I should dress.”

She could hear him coming up the steps to the second floor. CeCe met Aiden at the door with her silk, thigh high robe on. “Hello, Aiden, come in and have a seat. I showered already. The only thing to do next is to slip my clothes on. There’s three outfits lying across my bed. I didn’t know where you were taking me so that prevented me from knowing how to dress. I’m really sorry for backing out on dinner last week. I needed more time to get my bearings. Plus I like to feel fresh when I go out. After class I really felt sweaty and, you had the class stretching and running between every at the end. I wasn’t expecting that.”

CeCe rambled on and on as she walked around her apartment. It wasn’t until she finished her last sentence that she noticed Aiden was speechless with his jaw hanging as he observed every curve through her see-through robe. She looked down and realized she grabbed the wrong robe in her hurry to answer the door. “Oh no, close your eyes, Aiden! I’m so embarrassed!” CeCe ran to her bedroom.

Aiden jumped to his feet and called for CeCe. “No, CeCe, don’t be embarrassed. You look heavenly. I haven’t seen such beauty in a long time.” Aiden’s hormones came to a standing ovation. He walked slowly toward CeCe’s bedroom. He stood outside the door and tapped on her door. “CeCe.”


“Open the door.”

“I can’t. I’m too embarrassed. I can’t believe I grabbed the wrong robe. I didn’t intend to do that. You must think I’m one of those fast women down at the health club. Well, I’m not! I don’t get down like that, and I don’t give it up to anyone.” CeCe went into defense mode.

“I know this already, CeCe. I don’t look at or think of you in that manner. I mean I did look at you! I couldn’t help it. What a delight! I mean I never thought of you in the same light as the women at the health club. Open the door so we can talk face to face. I don’t like talking through doors.”

CeCe opened the door. She looked up to the tall statue standing before her. “What should I wear tonight?” She tried to smile to ease her awkward feeling.

Aiden stepped over the threshold of her bedroom. “Tell me to get out if you want me to.”

Tell him to get out. You’re not ready. What if he finds out about you! I can’t. I want him so bad. “No. You don’t have to leave, but won’t we be late for our date if I don’t get dressed now?”

Aiden leaned forward, nearing CeCe’s lips. “You’re already dressed as far as I’m concerned. Your entire outfit is very fitting and very much appealing to the eye. You have no complaints from me.” Aiden pulled the belt loose from CeCe’s robe. He ran his hands gently up her arms to her shoulders to part the robe from her body.

CeCe closed her eyes. I’m dreaming. Is this really taking place? This Japanese man is about to…

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  1. Each book is better than the last. I think it demonstrates growth and commitment to the readers.