Tuesday, September 18, 2012

By Shelby Clark

Casey Tylia Shaw, or TC, as she liked her friends to call her, had a hard life from the beginning.  Her absentee father and drug-addicted mother taught her to fend for herself and not to trust anybody.  She never knew love and didn't dare to let a man touch her body, not after all she's seen.

Everything changed when she encountered Seth Howard, an instructor  at the University of Tampa.  One hot kiss from the sexy professor had her rethinking the walls she put up to guard her heart.  A whirlwind affair in Rio and a secret from her past turns TC's life in a direction she never expected.

Release Date: September 21, 2012

Here Is An Excerpt...

The professor took another step closer. Face to face with TC, he lowered his tone to a point that sent shivers up her spine. “Well, Ms. Shaw, I thought I could talk to you like a civilized adult, but I see that is pointless. The words you use to express yourself are cutthroat and mortifying. I’ve seen your grades as well as your GPA, very impressive, but the way you choose to conduct, handle, and demonstrate your knowledge, comprehension, and understanding of circumstances disappoints me. I really expected more of you.”

Professor Howard seemed to study her every move. She felt her breasts bouncing against his chest as she waved her shoe in the air, as if it was helping her to pronounce her choice words, along with the hardening of her nipples as she stared into the eyes of this tall statue. TC knew she was at a point of no return, but she was also intrigued by what really might be on the professor’s mind. She wondered why he tried to figure her out and why his gaze appeared to be locked on her assets.
She knew too well how men liked admiring her curves, but that was usually black men, not white. Maybe she just never paid attention. She thought she saw the professor take a glance or two at her playground, admiring her twins, but she wasn’t sure if it was her own hormones getting the best of her. Before she realized what she would do, she was embracing him and curled her tongue with his.

With her eyes shut tight, her head spun as if she was in a dream, and liquid passion filled her lacey thongs as Professor Howard welcomed the kiss and pulled TC in closer. She could feel his sculptured hardness as his body pressed against hers. Excitement and fear flooded her mind. While still engaged in a passionate kiss, the professor lifted TC up to allow her to wrap her legs around him tight. He pulled her closer to grind against his erection. Oh yes, this feels so good. What I’m I doing? I don’t want to stop. I must, this can’t be, it’s not right. I… I can’t give in to this wonderfulness…

TC pushed away from the professor, jumped to her feet, and returned to her rage, a safer place than the passion she’d been about to give into. “Where do you get off? You don’t know me from Eve. I don’t owe you a damn thing. Mr. High and Mighty Professor Seth Howard, I don’t have to prove myself to you or anyone for that matter. You are nothing to me. You need to get your own life straightened out before you try to work on mine. I also wouldn’t think too much on or put too much into that kiss. Don’t you ever touch me or put your lips on me again!”

TC knew she better soon hurry out of that billiard room because the more she looked at those sexy eyes the more she felt her armor breaking down. Her emotions stirred sexual desires she hadn’t felt in a long time. She began to feel weak and knew if Seth Howard touched her one more time or brushed against her, she would just melt in his hands. She looked at that curly coal black hair and wondered how it would feel running her fingers through it, or how it smelled, then shook her head to get rid of the thought.

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