Monday, November 12, 2012

LOVE, LAW & Order

When Asia’s police officer best friend confessed his attraction to her, she gave into fears and doubts and pushed him away. After all, she had a plan for her life, and that included taking a new position in Ocean City, Maryland, far away from family and friends.

Sean has loved Asia for a long time, but when she rejects him, he figures he’s destroyed a friendship that has lasted for years. When a lateral move brings him to the OC Police Department, Sean sees another opportunity to win over the woman of his dreams. Even a life-threatening situation will not stop him from making Asia a permanent part of his life.

Asia opened the door slowly, trying not to look too happy. She didn’t want Sean to misread her excitement for something else. Masking how she really felt, Asia greeted Sean with sarcasm. “Well, about time. You said you would be here at five. It’s almost six, Ocean Boy. I thought police officers could tell time.”

Sean grabbed her into a tight hug without saying a word. They stood in the door hugging for about ten seconds.

“What’s wrong, Sean? Are you okay? You’re concerning me now. Let’s get out the doorway. Plus, I’m too close to your gun, and that’s freaking me out. I don’t want it to go off on me.”

Sean walked her inside the apartment while still hugging her and holding his bag in one hand. He slung the door shut behind him with his foot. “You’re still crazy, woman. You carry yourself nice and professionally, but you’re still crazy. You looked nice in your suit today at work.” Sean studied her face. “I’m fine, Asia. I just missed you terribly. I haven’t been the same since I lost my best friend.”

Watching and listening to Sean made Asia remember old times. She turned to the side grabbing her hair to pretend to swing it out of her face while wiping a tear from her eye in the process. Just looking at him made her heart ache with longing. I tell you the truth, I miss this man, but I refuse to express how much.

Sean looked at the table and noticed the set up. “Pizza and wine for me? You have it all neat and nice. Wow, you must really miss me, huh?”

“Calm your road a minute. It’s not wine, it’s Apple Cider, and I eat pizza all the time. This is how I entertain. Take your shower, and let’s get our groove on,” Asia demanded. She sat on the sofa.

Posing in a relaxing stance, Sean narrowed his eyes as he watched her. Asia picked up from his facial expression he thought she was making a proposition.

“I mean, let’s talk, not groove as in getting busy. Get your mind right, Sean. You know I’m not like that. You already know how I feel about that. Nothing’s changed.”

“Yeah, yeah, I heard it before. The words are still ringing loudly in my ears from the last time you told me.”

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