Monday, January 14, 2013


                            By Shelby Clark

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Kimmi Waters has finally gotten her business up and running, and she's about to blow up New York in the charitable giving arena. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, she knows what she's doing financially, but personally all she's ever seen is one failed relationship after another. Then she meets Ethan White, an off-duty police officer at the nightclub where she's celebrating with friends, and she's rethinking her view on love.

Kimmi sat with Heidi in her car in the parking lot, waiting for Jeff. She knew it would not be a good night for them if they walked in as two single women, dateless. Every desperate, single man would be in her and her friend’s face all night.

Finally, Jeff pulled up beside Kimmi’s car. Kimmi stepped out of the car, and her friend followed, slamming the door behind her.

“God, Jeff, what took you so freakin’ long?” Heidi complained. “You know they just started making Friday night ladies’ night? It’s free drinks for us between ten and eleven. It’s almost ten now.”

Throwing his hands up he responded, “Look, babe, it’s not my fault. Did you see the line of cars coming in this place? The parking lot is packed, and it took me twenty minutes to get through the gate.”

Kimmi interrupted. “Look, we’re here to celebrate, not to argue.” Before she could finish her sentence, Heidi and Jeff were making up with a passionate kiss. “You know what I’m done with you two. I’m going in. You guys can get a room or catch up with me later.”

She strode up to the club entrance, and the bouncer at the door checked her purse and ran a wand over her whole body for metal objects. He directed her to pay to enter at the next door.

“Hi, welcome to Club Envy,” the lady at the counter announced. “It’s ladies night. Drinks are free for the ladies up to eleven.”

A hostess in all black casual attire, which consisted of stilettos heels, spandex material pants, and a tank top with gold embroidery of Club Envy, approached her. “Hi, welcome to Envy. Where would you like to sit? We have three floors. Which do you prefer?”

“I’d rather sit at the bar or a small table near the bar, thank you,” Kimmi responded.

“Ok, follow me.”

When Kimmi reached her table and sat down, she heard a man’s voice from behind her. “Excuse me, ma’am. I believe this is your purse. I thought I saw it fall from under your arm as you walked by me.”

Kimmi looked up to respond to the sexy voice that sent chills through her body. She recognized his face. How could she not? Every time she decided to come to Club Envy, even though it wasn’t her forte, she looked for Officer Hottie in a nonchalant way.

“Excuse me?” She had heard the officer who tried to get her attention the first time, but when she noticed his six foot three stature, broad shoulders, tight abs that were making an impression through his muscle shirt that look like it was holding on for dear life, and those drop-dead, sexy greenish gray eyes, her response was delayed. She wanted him to repeat himself so she could have more time to take in the breathless view she gazed on.

She was mesmerized at how his eyes complimented all his features. His dark brown hair was the right shade. The overhead lights fell on him for display just for her. She loved his crew cut and clean shave. She had been flirting with him for months now, too nervous to take it to the next level and convincing herself she had no time for a relationship. He couldn’t make his interest any more obvious than he already had with his little comments.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe I dropped my purse. I thought I had it right here on my shoulder.” She looked to her left shoulder to find that the strap was gone. Returning her gaze back toward the officer, she noticed he was holding the broken strap.

“Good thing it happened in front of me or that would have been the end of your personal belongings and a whole lot of headaches that come with canceling credit cards and obtaining new IDs.”

“You’re so right. That would be a headache. So I guess that makes you my hero now, huh?”

“Well, that’s why I’m here for you.” The officer chuckled.

“Thank you so much, officer. Tell me how I can repay you.”

“I’ll let you know later.”

She laughed and locked her stare with his. The chemistry was definitely there.

“No, really, it’s ok. I was just doing my job. You know when I see you come in occasionally with your friends, I try to make my way toward you to speak to you.”

“I know. I’ve watched you every time.” Kimmi realized she felt comfortable talking to him. She found herself opening up more than the norm. What harm could there be for her to tell this stranger her business? After all he was the police. “I’m sitting here waiting for my coworker and her boyfriend. They were right behind me when I came in, but they have a tendency to roam off to fool around a little. We’re supposed to be celebrating tonight on a successful deal. By the way, I’m Kimmi.”

“And I’m Officer White, but you can call me Ethan. Your friends sound like they like having fun. So you came here straight from work?”

“Yes, we did, and Jeff met up with us.”

“You must have been at it late.” The music was pretty loud, so Ethan moved a little closer. Pointing to his ear he said, “I’m sorry, I can barely hear you. When the club opens, they turn the music up louder to get their customers excited and pumped. If you don’t mind me asking, Kimmi, what type of work do you do?”

“No, I don’t mind you asking, but shouldn’t you be patrolling the club?” she reminded him.

He gave her a questioning stare. “Are you trying get rid of me? Am I preventing you from having your fun?”

She was really enjoying the company she was in for the first time. Clubs weren’t really her cup of tea. Classy and more sophisticated parties with the well-to-dos were more her thing. Every time she went to a club with Heidi, two things usually happened. Heidi ended up meeting with Jeff to get a quickie, or she got stuck with Mr. Wrong, or better yet something went wrong. Tonight’s little fiesta was supposed to be about celebrating the achievement of gaining more major accounts, but it appeared to be another disappearing act for Heidi and Jeff.

“Well, I orchestrate fundraiser events to raise money for nonprofit entities, and in all honesty, Ethan, I’m actually for the first time in a long time enjoying myself. Clubs are not really my thing.”

“I can tell.”

“It’s really nice talking to you and officially meeting you. And how can you tell this is not my thing?”

“Do your friends call you Kim?”

“No, they better not. My name is Kimmi, and that’s what I prefer,” she answered with a raised eyebrow.

Ethan laughed. “It is? I like the confidence and sassiness. That’s very attractive. It’s nice talking with you too. Oh yeah, to answer your question, I can tell the club isn’t your scene because you stand out from the crowd. You’re the only person in here with a two piece suit on, which is very becoming on you I might add.”

Kimmi put her hand to her mouth slightly biting her forefinger as she laughed to herself remembering what Heidi said earlier about her suit. “If you go there with that two-piece suit on, people will think their boss is there to drag them back to work.”

“Why thank you for the compliment. I haven’t heard one in a while,” she expressed.

“I find that hard to believe. A sexy lady like you, I would think the men would be knocking down your door to get to you. I know I wouldn’t mind. In fact I find you very hot right now. If I wasn’t on duty, you and I… Let’s just say there would be a change of plans for you and your friends. We would see them later.”


  1. Between all the EBooks I've written thus far, I would say that LOVE DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE and LOVE ON LOCKDOWN are my favorites so far.

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